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QuickBooks Script Error

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Script Error Message in QuickBooks: Occurrence and Solutions

With QuickBooks software, it gets easier for companies to control records and keep maintaining payroll processes properly. But there are many problems that you may face while accessing the application. One of those, which commonly occur, may be the QuickBooks Script Error.

Error Description
While using your licensed QuickBooks, you could come across the script error message. The message this is certainly popped depends upon the explanation for the error. The main reason that will lead to the occurrence for the script error in QuickBooks can be some of the following:

It might arise while importing a coping with an account that was never made before the import
It might arise while importing a bill or an invoice with an account this is certainly completely different from the accounts due or assets available
It might arise when the account name or even the account number already exists
With regards to the script error message in QuickBooks, it comes down in several forms. The 2 of that are most often found include:

The one which occurs during an export situation. The message that pops up reads: “An error has occurred in the script with this page. Would you like to continue running scripts on this page?”
Another one occurs during an import situation, normally. The message that pops up reads: “Stop running this script? A script on this page is causing your web browser to operate slowly. If it continues to run, your computer or laptop might become unresponsive.”
On the basis of the scenarios and occurrences, separate solution tips are considered. To resolve the problem, you can perform the next steps as jotted down underneath the respective options.

Option 1: If the error arises during the export situation
Once you obtain the error message in this example, you receive two choices to be clicked Yes or No. If you type Yes, the error is likely to get resolved. If it doesn't get resolved, you can easily follow the below mentioned instructions to solve the error:

It really is mandatory that you have 32-bit version o web browser
Clear cookies and cache. For this, you are able to:
Find the Tools button in the Internet Explorer. You will discover the button at the upper right corner
Choose Safety
Click Delete browsing history
Tick the Cookies and website data checkbox
Click Delete
Close the web Explorer window
Open Internet Explorer window again
Return to QuickBooks Online
Start exporting the files
Option 2: If the error occurs throughout the import situation
The error takes place when there is a concern inside the browser. To resolve the issue, you can easily perform the next steps:

Open Web Browser
Browse to Tools menu
Choose Internet Options. In the event that you don’t get the Tools button, press Alt key. This will show you the hidden menu options
Click Advanced tab
Clear Display a notification about every script error option
Click OK

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