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QuickBooks Error 15102

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QuickBooks has really made company accounting work handy, because Payroll gets a message- Error 15102: did not Reset Update. This can certainly halt your work, and in case you have no clue what QuickBooks Error 15102, this will further disrupt the task. Before we find out about steps to solve Error 15102, why don't we first check-

What exactly is QuickBooks Error 15102?
QuickBooks Error code 15102 takes place when you try to download a payroll and updating the program.

Reasons for error 15102 QuickBooks-
When the download is location is not accessible
If multi-users downloading QuickBooks at a time
If the user is not logged in as Windows Administrator or running Windows Vista

An individual will be aware of the reasons for why QuickBooks Error Code 15102 happens, you can easily apply below-mentioned steps.

Few steps to resolve QuickBooks Error 15102 -
1) The very first mode from multi-user mode. As previously mentioned above, here is the major cause of QuickBooks Error 15102.

2) Ensuring the mapped file is correctly located. This is how you will find-

Open the Product Information window by pressing- CTRL + 1. Here, find the mapped location map. Type- [x]: [folder name] [data file name]
Select help and update QuickBooks
Click on the Options tab to ensure the information about Download Location is right
The drive in Download. Make sure the Shared Download is placed to Yes
Verify that the directory in Download is the same as the QuickBooks Desktop installation directory.
Change the location if incorrect and then click from the Save option
3) In case, if download location is correct, remapping the drive towards the new letter. Here is how can be done-

Close the QuickBooks Desktop company file
Now the network drive to a different letter
Open the organization File; Choose Help- Update the QuickBooks
Turn the Shared Download off and verify the download location is using a mapped-drive letter
Click Save and then close

Get Support for QuickBooks Error 15102
Just in case, if all of the above steps neglect to help the QuickBooks Error 15102. It is possible to interact with QuickBooks Desktop Support team + 1-888-396-0208. By connecting to the expert code, Error Code 15102 in QuickBooks.



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